A Helpful Guide To See What Herbs Pair Well With Your Food

I can tell you what dishes will taste great with basil, cilantro, oregano and rosemary. As for the other 12 spices in my spice rack, I don’t think the seals have ever been broken.

While I like to experiment when cooking, when preparing a meal for my family, I often panic at the thought of adding something new and tarnishing the flavor I’m trying to obtain.

Thankfully, someone at Personal Creations struggled with my same issue, and decided to create this helpful guide below. In their Herb & Food Pairing Guide, they’ve included the 13 most common herbs, and the foods that will taste great with them.

Happy cooking!

Herb and Food pairing guide by PersonalCreations.com

[h/t: Mental Floss]


Photo by KateMonkey