Here Are Some Of The Items Fetching Top Prices At Estate Sales

Looking to make big bucks off some of your old stuff? Here are some of the items selling for top dollar.

Thinking about selling some of your old stuff? Then you’ll definitely want to know what’s going to make you buckets of money, and what’s not even worth your effort to list. Thankfully, you can get an idea of what your stuff will go for by taking a look at EBTH, short for Everything But The House, an awesome website that allows you to buy and sell items you’d generally find sold via an estate sale.

The online estate sale website has a massive inventory, which means you can get a pretty good gauge of how well some of your items will sell. Plus, if you choose to sell within the site, EBTH will handle all the logistics for you, including sorting, cataloging, photographing and shipping your items.

So, what are some of their antique items that will get you the most money? Check out some of the site’s top-sellers to get a sense of what price your own items may fetch.

Here are the 10 most expensive items the site’s sold to date:

1. Albert Paley Steel Sculpture

This outdoor sculpture by renowned artist Albert Paley sold for a whopping $65,100.


2. 17th Century Chinese Rhinoceros Horn Libation Cup

Talk about an antique! This rare libation cup from the Qing Dynasty sold for $60,100.


3. 4.20 Carat Diamond and Platinum Ladies Engagement Ring

This opulent engagement ring was sold at a final price of $42,400.


4. 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Yes, you can even buy/sell cars on EBTH. This classic automobile from the ’80s sold for $39,165.


5. Alberto Giacometti Signed “Tete de Femme” Lamp

This Giacometti table lamp from the early 1900s went for $37,850.


6. Roger Muhl Original Oil Painting, “Les Adrets”

This large-scale painting by Muhl was purchased for $37,000.


7. Alfred Sisley Pastel on Paper

This paper-drawing by famous Impressionist Alfred Sisley went for $36,050.


8. Frank Stella “Double Gray Scramble” Signed Artist’s Proof

This signed serigraph from Frank Stella sold for $35,350.


9. E. Howard Astronomical Regulator #44 Clock in Carved Walnut Case

This clock from the late 1800s sold for $35, 200.


10. Thomas Whitcombe Early 19th Century Maritime Painting

This painting by British artist Thomas Whitcombe was purchased for $35,100.


Looks like if you have some art, you may be in luck. Got any similar items to these at home? It might be time to put them up for auction.