Here’s What A $3,000 Set Of Colored Pencils Looks Like

Would you pay over $3,000 for set of colored pencils?

If you want a set of 350 designer colored (whoops, make that coloured) pencils from Faber-Castell (since 1761, btw), you would. But not just any designer. This is the limited edition Karlbox by Karl Lagerfeld, dahling.

The set was designed to resemble a Chinese wedding cabinet, and only 2,500 were made. This set goes for 2,500 GBP, or at the current exchange rate, $3,334. Mental Floss says it’s sold out on so you’re going to have to hunt around a bit. (Couldn’t find nary a one on eBay. Personally, I’m a 128-count Crayola guy, myself.)


Not only does Faber-Castell make one nifty-coloured pencil box set, they sure can write some spiffy ad copy. I’m not quite sure what this means, but it sounds good.

The Karlbox is a unique homage to Karl Lagerfeld as well as an expression of the symbiosis between artist and tool; a special tribute to the inexhaustible creative power of designers, without whom our world would be without shape or colour.

Colours In Black

Wait—there’s more!

It is divided into several drawers which include the primary colours. Therefore, in total, the Karlbox contains 350 drawing instruments: markers, crayons, colour pencils, including reds, blacks, greens, yellows and blues set out like a colour chart. It is a valuable item, a timeless and luxurious case that Faber-Castell and KARL LAGERFELD want to offer as a limited edition that is numbered and which comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Colours In Black

Daggone. Better get two of them then!

Colours In Black

What amuses me while drawing is the fact to draw. To me drawing is like breathing and writing. These are things that almost relax me. -K.L.

Colours In Black


Karlism Of The Day:

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