Here’s A Simple Way To Get The Perfect Spiral Curls Without Heat Or Styling Tools

I have curly hair and somedays, my little curls look magical. But most days, there are sections of my hair that just don’t want to cooperate. Youtuber, REAL BEAUTY by Cynthia, shares her tips for creating beautiful, voluminous curls without using a hairdryer or heated styling tool.

In her video, she uses the following tools:

  • A light, texturizing cream or mousse styling product (or none if you want a softer curl)
  • A teasing brush
  • A large clip
  • Lots of bobby pins

She achieves her look by doing these steps:

  • Put a bit of styling cream into 1-2″ section of her hair.
  • Tightly twist the section into a long strand.
  • Wrap the twisted section around itself so it creates a honeycomb shape.
  • Secure with bobby pins.
  • Repeat until your entire head is complete.

She then recommends to sleep in your hair like this overnight. The next morning,

  • Remove the bobby pins and unwrap each section.
  • With your fingers, gently pull apart the curls.
  • For a softer look, use your teasing comb to gently brush out a bit of the curls.

Would you try this? I haven’t tried it yet, but will check back in once I do!