Here’s The Most American Road Trip You Can Take

There is so much to see in the United States, it can be pretty overwhelming.  From the National Parks to the big cities, there is something for just about everyone.

One really cool way to see the country would be to visit each state’s capital city and its capitol building.  And that’s exactly what the man who brought us the best road trip ever, Randy Olson, has done. This time it’s the most efficient way to visit all the state capitals.

The trip is 13,310 miles, hits all 48 state capitals in the contiguous United States and takes a total of 8.5 days to complete.

Olsen, a researcher at University of Pennsylvania, created the trip using the same algorithm that helped him created his other fantastic road trip ideas for the U.S. and Europe. And he’s made his tool available for anyone to use so you can plan your own custom trip.

To learn more about the road trip go to Olsen’s website.