Here’s The Best Way To Load Every Type Of Dishwasher

While I try to load my dishwasher so it’s completely full before I turn on a cycle, I always feel there’s a better way. Then I stumbled upon Joe Clark’s blog and discovered he created an entire flickr account to show the proper ways to load a dishwasher.

In his extensive review, Joe went through countless dishwasher manuals, took screenshots of them, and loaded them online. Apparently there is a proper way. From platters, to soup bowls, to tea cups, saucers, utensils and more, Joe’s got a thorough manual of best practices.

Below are diagrams for 10 and 12 place settings. Visit his flickr account for all the diagrams.

Here’s a few of the brands and diagrams he’s listed:

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 7.41.03 PM
Flickr | Joe Clark

Here’s some additional tips from one of the manuals:

  • Make sure when the door is closed that no items are blocking the little door that dispenses the detergent.
  • Don’t overlap bowls & plates, because that could trap food
  • Avoid loading more fragile items (like mugs and glasses) over tines. This will cause them to wiggle and bump into other objects when the water jet is sprayed. Instead, gently nestle them between the tines.
  • Point your spoons upwards to they spread apart and don’t nestle (which will cause them to trap food).

Photo by David Locke