Here’s How You Can (Actually) Move To Canada

Unless you live under a rock, you know there’s a ‘yuuuge’ election coming up in America.

This has caused many people on Facebook feeds across the nation to post statuses along the lines of “If _______ becomes president, I’m moving to Canada!” (Insert who you’d like into the blank.)

As it gets closer and closer to November, the thought of moving north may actually seem appealing to you. If that’s the case then read carefully, because here’s everything you need to know about moving to Canada:

1. The Political Basics

If you’re going to pack everything up and move to Canada, you should probably know some of its political virtues. Mind you, this is just scratching the surface. If you’d like to know more in-depth information, I’ll direct you to Google.

  • The President of the United States’ (aka Obama) role is to be the head of both the state and the government; Canada has split that between two people. These people are Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (head of government) and Queen Elizabeth II (head of state).
  • The US is a republic – while Canada is a monarchy. (Hence the queen thing.)
  • The Prime Minister isn’t voted into the seat by Canada’s citizens. Instead it’s the government that chooses, so hopefully you like who they pick.

2. Visiting Canada

Before applying for permanent citizenship to Canada (yes, you have to apply – I’ll get to that) you should probably visit its provinces to see if you actually like it there. Americans with a valid passport can stay in Canada for up to 180 days without a visa, so you have time to decide.

By the way, it’s a large country. I’m talking the second largest country in the world, after Russia – so you’ve got a lot to explore.

3. Apply for Permanent Citizenship

So you’ve decided that you like Canada. To live there for real, you have to apply. Fill out this online form to see if you’re even eligible. It’s a doozy – it’ll take you 10-15 minutes to fill out.

Also, you’ll likely have to enter as either a skilled worker or sponsored family member, so hopefully you have that going for you. And don’t get me started on the application fees.

4. Wait It Out

If you’re serious about moving to Canada, you should know off the bat that it isn’t a quick or easy process. In some cases, it could take you months or even years to actually receive an official Canadian Permanent Residency card. Check how long it would probably take you to receive your PR card here.

welcome to canada photo
Photo by Lin–Z

So, moving to Canada is more difficult than just booking a flight ticket. But Cape Breton would love to have you.

Photo by Nila Sivatheesan Photography