Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Frozen’ on Broadway

Another nor’easter blew through the Northeast this week and blanketed much of the area with more than a foot of snow. Instead of breaking out the sandals for the first week of spring, the East Coast continues trudging along with boots and snow shovels.

But there’s another reason New York City feels a bit more frigid lately. “Frozen: The Broadway Musical” has officially debuted on Broadway at the St. James Theatre. That’s right. The animated film is now a two-act Broadway show with expanded plotlines, new scenes and, best of all, plenty of catchy new songs. Check out this behind-the-scenes trailer:

Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, who created the film’s score, penned the music and lyrics for the Broadway adaptation. In fact, Disney has released videos and recordings of several of the new songs already. There are almost a dozen new songs debuting in the musical.

Sing Along

One of the new songs is a duet, “What Do You Know About Love?” that bonds the bickering Anna and Kristoff. Listen below:

Anna also gets a new solo: “True Love.” You can listen and watch her acoustic recording below:

Not to be left out, Elsa gets two fresh songs with “Monster” and “Dangerous to Dream.”

You can start singing along at home with these first tracks—which are available on both iTunes and Spotify—while you wait for the live show, or for the official cast recording.

Meet The Cast

There are more than 40 total cast members. Caissie Levy plays Elsa, so look forward to her belting out the iconic “Let It Go” at the end of the first act. Jelani Alladin plays Kristoff and Patti Murin plays Anna. John Riddle, meanwhile, is our hunky Hans.

Sven the Reindeer is a puppet, and is played by Andrew Pirozzi. He manages to be every bit as expressive as the animated original.

Greg Hildreth plays Olaf, who is a comic marionette. Additionally, the puppet design is by Michael Curry, who also worked on The Lion King, so he’s in familiar territory.

Ice Palace

Next to the actors, ice is the clear star of this show. Talented set designers constructed the iced-over set pieces with a wide variety of materials. There are video screens that shift and ice over when Elsa lets her powers loose. Members of the ensemble play snow storms, swirling and solidifying into ice. Even Swarovski crystals descend from the ceiling as high-end ice.

Not all of the ice is staged; there is actual ice in the theater. To create the fog that pumps out on stage during the performance, there is a vat of dry ice in the basement.

Costume Updates

Elsa opts for pants in lieu of a ball gown as she navigates the ice-covered world she’s unleashed in at least one scene.

Reserve A Seat

The show is currently in previews, and tickets are available here. According to the official website, performances starting in August have the best availability. There is also an online Ticket Lottery for Frozen performances. The lottery tickets are only $30 each.

Tickets for the out-of-town tryout in Denver last summer were a hot commodity, so plan your night at the theater well in advance, or expect to pay inflated prices!

Ready to reserve your seat?