Here’s A First Look At Disneyland’s Tower Of Terror Makeover

Updated 4/25/17

Fans of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disneyland: Look away. We’re now getting our first full look at the newly redesigned ride, renamed “Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

Disneyland’s iconic Tower of Terror closed in January, but the building remains standing and is set to re-open this summer with the new Marvel theme.
Bray 6265 via Wikimedia Commons

While many fans of the Tower are sad to see it go, others have been anxiously awaiting news—and pictures—of the newest ride.

(We’re kind of siding with the enthusiasts. I mean, the more Star Lord, the better, right?)

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The Tower had been covered up since it closed so eager fans couldn’t see details of the construction, but parts of the exterior were slowly revealed.

Now, finally, we have some pictures of the full exterior of the new attraction, and they do not disappoint!

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, though, what exactly is this ride all about?

According to the Disney Parks blog, “Guests will be right in the mix with characters from the blockbuster ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ films.”

The blog continues, “Deep inside his fortress-like collection, the mysterious Taneleer Tivan (aka The Collector) is displaying his newest acquisitions, the Guardians of the Galaxy. They are trapped in customized display cases, suspended over a vast abyss. Unbeknownst to their unscrupulous captor, the intrepid Rocket has escaped and is enlisting the Collector’s VIP guests for help. Guests board a gantry lift, which launches them into a chaotic and hilarious adventure as they join Rocket in an attempt to break his fellow Guardians out of captivity.”

guardians of the galaxy disneyland photo
Getty Images | Handout

“It’s funny, it’s fast, it comes at you kind of sideways, the characters are super unusual, and inherent in here is a ride system that really can participate in that spirit,” Joe Rohde, Portfolio Creative Director of Walt Disney Imagineering, told Oh My Disney. “The ride system is capable of more excitement, more dynamics, more movement, more disruption, than we have used to date.”

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Rhode says there are also multiple ride profiles, which means you may get a different experience each time you ride.

Count us in! We just have one question, though—what’s our prize for saving Star Lord? (Maybe it’s this Dancing Baby Groot car charger?)

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Oh, and Tower of Terror devotees, don’t be too bummed. You can still ride the original version of the ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando!