Here’s What Flight Attendants Say You Should Do To Your Suitcase Wheels For Easier Travel

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What’s worse than dealing with a screaming child on an airplane? One of the wheels on your rolling luggage bag breaks before you get into the terminal. Now you’re stuck carrying your heavy bag through the entire airport. Not a good way to start a trip. (But, on the bright side, you’ll get some good exercise in for the day.)

Tired of your luggage wheels breaking at the worst times? Well, we have a solution for you! Apparently, flight attendants recommend switching out the standard-issue wheels on your rolling bag and replacing them with inline wheels or skateboard wheels. With all of the time flight attendants spend schlepping through airports, they ought to know the best way to get around in a hurry!

Inline wheels are designed for street hockey and strolling down sidewalks, so they’re used to the hard terrain. Luggage wheels, by contrast, break easily and get caught in any tiny crack or loose debris. Seriously, switch out your suitcase wheels with something sturdier.

Take the wheels off his skates and put them on your luggage.
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Not sure where to get heavy-duty wheels for your suitcase? You can order inline wheels from Amazon (how easy is that?). When you’re switching wheels, make sure the diameters of the maufacturer’s wheels and your inline wheels are the same.

Here’s a helpful video on repairing luggage wheels. Watch it before you attempt to install your new inline wheels.

Need a little more info before you’re ready to tackle the wheel swap? Here’s another online tutorial.


Even though this is a sweet life hack, if your bag has four spinning wheels, unfortunately, this trick won’t work. Inline wheels only turn one way; spinning wheels turn in all directions. That’s a bummer, for sure. But ask yourself, would you rather have sturdy wheels that only turn in one direction or wobbly ones that spin but could pop off at any moment?