How To Get More Hydrangea Flowers In Your Garden

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Hydrangeas are a gorgeous addition to your garden, but nothing is more frustrating than a plant that isn’t blooming enough flowers. In order to spruce up your garden, you want to make sure you are taking proper care of your hydrangeas, and if you do so, you’ll have beautiful blossoms that will brighten up your yard.

If you’re struggling to get your hydrangea plants to bloom properly, consider these tips to get each of these types of hydrangea flowers in your garden.

1. Panicle Hydrangeas

  • Make sure they are getting all-day sun
  • Water them when they’re not getting rainfall
  • Add compost liberally to the soil
  • Prune them often
panicle hydrangea photo
Photo by F. D. Richards

2. Smooth-Leaf “Annabelle” Hydrangeas

  • Plant in full sun ff the soil is moist or in partial shade if the soil is dry
  • Water them when they’re not getting rainfall
  • Use compost in the soil
  • Prune them in early spring
annabelle hydrangea photo
Photo by JefferyRayCoffman

3. Big Leaf Hydrangeas

  • Plant in half-day sun for normal soil or full sun if the soil is moist
  • Water them in spring and early summer, and let them stay drier in late summer and fall
  • Use compost on a yearly basis
  • Avoid pruning, but if you must, only do it in the summer
big leaf hydrangea photo
Photo by Jim, the Photographer

Photo by matsuyuki