Here’s How To Grow A Grassy Armchair In Your Yard

Yes, you read that headline correctly. We’re about to tell you how to grow an armchair made from dirt and grass.

Like so many things in life, it’s actually somewhat simple, which is why we like it.

There’s a company called Terra! that is selling a chair frame made of flat-packed laser-cut cardboard. You interlock the pieces together to form the shape of a chair as the starting point for your “lawn” chair.

[kickstarter id=”254144236/terra-growing-furniture”]

You fill in the “model” with soil and seeds, so, as Mental Floss notes, “it can grow like a Chia Pet. The chair is currently being offered in a variety of sizes including the Cushion, Kids, miniature and full-sized versions of the Sofa, and miniature and full-sized versions of the standard Terra! armchair.”

There is a Kickstarter program underway to fund the project.


The Terra! has been around since 2000, but has been off the market for the last 11 years after the creators found the process a bit unwieldy. Now they want to bring it back to life, hence the crowdfunding campaign. The instructions look pretty easy, too! (Easier than building a bike for your kids on Christmas Eve, right?)