Here’s 15 Handy Ways To Use White Vinegar Around Your House

It’s time to get back to the basics. Ditch your fancy cleaning supplies and other household regulars in favor of an easy solution.

Instead of products that can be loaded with chemicals, turn to distilled white vinegar. Vinegar is powerful enough to banish even your toughest cleaning products, but gentle enough to be used around pets and children.

In fact, there are several ways that simple vinegar solutions can turn around the look and feel of your home. Don’t believe me? Here are fifteen ways to use distilled white vinegar around your home.

1. Clean Sticky Scissors

Simply soak a cotton ball in vinegar and wipe down. The vinegar helps to cut the grease and emulsion buildup that can be left behind on the tool.

2. Remove “Artwork” From The Walls

If your child recently decorated your walls or furniture with one of their “masterpieces,” don’t get upset just yet. Instead, remove the artwork by rubbing away the pen marks with a mixture of water and vinegar.

3. Remove Water Rings On Wooden Furniture

Using equal parts vinegar and olive oil, you can remove water spots or rings. Simply dip a soft cloth into the mixture and rub the solution along the wood’s natural grain. This will help to buff away any lingering marks.

4. Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Mixing equal parts vinegar and baking soda. Let the mixture fizz in the drain for a few minutes, and then flush out with warm water to remove smells or food buildup.

5. Clean Tile Grout

Whiten your tile grout by using a vinegar soaked toothbrush to scrub it away.

6. Brighten Your Laundry

Pour in a cup of vinegar during your rinse cycle. Good Housekeeping states it will help to dissolve any soap residue, soften the fabric, and reduce static.

7. Control Weeds

Use a water-vinegar solution to fight off pesky weeds and crabgrass that could be popping up in your garden.

8. Remove Mineral Deposits On Cookware

Clean away mineral deposits in tea kettles and coffee pots by bowling one-cup vinegar and four tablespoons of baking soda in the container.

9. Remove Chewing Gum From Any Surface claims you can remove chewing gum from any surface by using the all-powerful vinegar against it.

10. Clean Up Your Leather Shoes

Remove water and salt stains from leather shoes by rubbing a mixture of 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and one cup water along the stain. Polish afterwards to bring life back into your shoes.

11. Dissolve Sticky Label Residue

Reader’s Digest recommends using vinegar to remove those pesky residue marks left by crummy labels.

12. Remove Lime Build Up On Faucets

Get rid of lime buildup on dirty faucets by creating a paste of one teaspoon of vinegar and two tablespoons of salt. The mixture will help to dissolve the buildup and leave your fixture looking squeaky clean.

13. Clean Paintbrushes

Revive old paintbrushes by soaking them in a pot of vinegar on the stove. Bring the vinegar to a light simmer and watch the old paint fall away.

14. Restore Leather Purses & Wallets

Wiping a purse or wallet with vinegar will help to remove any dingy marks and bring them back to life.

15. Lengthen The Life Of Your Manicure

Increase the shelf life of your manicure by cleaning your nails with vinegar beforehand. The clean surface helps the polish better adhere to your nails.

Photo by JeepersMedia