How To Make Your Own Photo Candle

Personalized photo gifts are always a great holiday choice—ideal for mom or dad to take to the office or for grandparents or other family members, especially those who live far away.

If this has been your go-to gift for years now though, you’re probably sick of ordering the same old photo calendars or family portrait mugs year after year. Want to switch up your photo gift with something fun and totally unexpected—and save a little money in the process? If your answer is yes, you have to try making your own photo candle at home.

All you need are plain candles, the photo you want to print onto those candles, tracing paper, a blowdryer—and about 10-15 minutes! You can use a photograph by directly printing your image onto the tracing paper, or you can get creative and draw your own design onto the tracing paper as well, (this is a great way to kid the kids involved). What’s Up Moms gives a great tutorial on how to make these easy candles.

This gift is great for grandparents or other family members as well, and you can even make more than one candle that can be placed next to each other. Feel free to get creative and even draw your own designs around a photo to spice the candle up.

If this sounds like a great gift idea to you, check out the video above for a visual step-by-step guide!