Here’s How To Make Any Room Party Ready With Just $10

Preparing your house or apartment for a party can be ultra-stressful. You want the mood to be festive, but you don’t want to blow your bank account on the decorations, especially when you have your eye on new boots at Nordstrom (amiright?). Decisions, decisions…

What’s the host(ess) with the most(ess) to do? Luckily, there is a way to make a room party-ready, with as little as $10!

You could pay an event planner hundreds of dollars to create the gorgeous look below.

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Or, you could DIY with a package of inexpensive balloons in the color(s) of your liking and a few cheap plastic tablecloths, as shown in this party from Let’s Do Lunch.

Let's Do Lunch

Cut the tablecloths into thick strips. (A rectangular tablecloth sized 60×102 should be perfect, but larger is also fine. Square would also work, but round would be difficult to cut precisely.)

Each tablecloth should be cut into three or four strips, though you can make them smaller if you desire—it will just be more work, because the next step is then to drape the pieces artfully from the center of the ceiling out to the corners of the room.

As you can see, you then blow up the balloons and place them in the center of the ceiling, being sure to cover up any tape or raggedy edges. If you have a chandelier in the center of the room, as shown below, you can even get away with skipping balloons. Add ribbons (curl them with the edge of your scissors for a pretty effect) or even a few remaining strips of the tablecloth. Voila!

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The best thing about this decorating hack is that it can be easily customized to any event. For example, for a Halloween party you could use black and orange. For St. Patrick’s Day, green and white. A baby shower? Pink or blue, or both if the mama-to-be doesn’t know the gender yet.

Best of all, since this decorating trick is so inexpensive, you won’t feel bad tearing it down after the party and tossing it! You could also save the tablecloths for future use, such as wrapping paper for the holidays. Simple and Earth-friendly! Win-win.