Here’s How To Make Sour Patch Grapes (Yes, You Read That Right)

Who doesn’t love a good Sour Patch Kid?  They are irresistible, chewy, sour goodness.

Well the folks at Delish have done us a ginormous favor and showed us an easy two-ingredient Sour Patch Grape recipe. Honestly, they had us at Sour Patch. But, turns out all you need is a little Jello to turn your grapes sour.

Here’s what you’ll need for this Sour Patch Grapes recipe:


Lime Jello Mix
Lemon Jello Mix
Orange Jello Mix
Cherry Jelly Mix
Green grapes
Lemon juice
Plastic sandwich bags

Watch the video above to see how the magic happens.

We are drooling just thinking of all the yummy Jello flavor combos we can make. Did you try this recipe? Let us know your favorite.