Here’s How Often You Should Wash All Your Clothes

No one enjoys doing laundry. It’s time-consuming, boring and can be expensive if you have to pay for a water bill or go to the laundromat. With that in mind, it can help to wash your clothes only when necessary. It might seem like the right thing to do to wash your outfits after every wear, but unless your clothes are soiled and sweaty, it’s not really necessary.

So how often should you wash all your garments? Insider pulled recommendations from the American Cleaning Institute and Real Simple to build this helpful chart below. Use this handy guide to help figure out when you need to do laundry.


Some items, like socks, underwear and T-shirts, should indeed be washed after every wear. Jeans and coats fall on the opposite end of the spectrum, as you are pretty safe to wear them numerous times before you wash.

What do you think? Do you agree with these recommendations?