Here’s The Real Reason Your Pasta Spoon Has A Hole In It

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I love spaghetti. Really, I love all carbs in general. And making pasta is an easy dinner staple in our home.

While making dinner the other night, I got to wondering: Does the hole in the middle of my spoon actually have a purpose aside from letting water drain out?

I did some research and it does have a neat use, it turns out. The little hole in your spoon is approximately one serving size of pasta.

Spaghetti Spoon

Now, if you have a larger family, there are spoons that accommodate multiple servings. The one shown below has serving sizes for one, two and three people.


Plastic Spaghetti Serving Spoon with Measure Noodle Scoop, $6.49

This one isn’t a spoon, but the tool allows you to accurately measure out servings for up to four people.


ORBLUE Spaghetti Pasta Measure, $8.87

The more you know.