Here’s The Secret To Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell’s Relationship Success

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Are you wondering how to make your relationship last for the long-term? There are tons of suggestions out there. But according to actress Goldie Hawn, who has been in a relationship with fellow actor Kurt Russell for an impressive 33 years, the solution is pretty simple, not to mention unconventional.

So what’s the celebrity power couple’s secret to staying power? According to Hawn, it’s NOT getting married. Although they’ve been a couple for more than three decades, and even have a son together, they never officially tied the knot.

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In an interview with the British talk show “Loose Women,” Hawn said the following: “I would have been long divorced if I ever married Kurt. Marriage is an interesting psychological thing. If you need to feel bound to someone, then it’s important to be married. If you have independence, if you have enough money and enough sense of independence and you like your independence, there’s something psychological about not being married. Because it gives you the freedom to make decisions one way or the other. So for me, I chose to stay, Kurt chose to stay, and we like the choice.”

That definitely sounds romantic! Check out the whole interview here.

While Hawn’s choice is certainly not traditional, she may have a point. After all, most celebrity couples don’t last a few years, let alone 33 and counting. Although, there certainly are exceptions.

What do you think? Is eschewing marriage the key to a happy and lasting relationship? Or is saying “I do” necessary for relationship success?

While the jury may still be out on this one, there seem to be some similar habits among happy couples. Whether you choose to put a ring on it or not, communication, trust and a positive attitude all seem to be tenets of a strong relationship. Cheers to Goldie and Kurt!

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