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Here’s The Strange Reason Bridesmaids Wear Matching Dresses

As is the case with many of our traditions, we undertake rituals and customs without questioning why we’re doing them or how they came about.

Take bridesmaid dresses, for example. Why do we ask our family and friends to wear the same color, if not the same exact dress, on our wedding day?

As it turns out, the custom dates back to ancient Rome, where there was the belief that celebratory events had the potential to attract evil spirits and jealous suitors. In an attempt to ward off these would-be wedding crashers, the bride and her bridesmaids would all wear matching dresses. As mental_floss explains, “the bridesmaids were decoys.” Talk about friendship!

Check out the video to learn more about the history of matching bridesmaid dresses and the origins of other wedding customs: