Here’s A Super-Easy Recipe For Edible Marshmallow Play Dough

Play dough and a child’s mouth seem to be inseparable. And why wouldn’t they be? After crafting a juicy hamburger or a delicious looking sundae, it’s only natural that the next step would be to give it a taste.

So what is one to do? Try out this recipe from One Little Project for edible play dough, and here’s why:

1. Despite being made with marshmallows, it doesn’t taste that good.

You don’t want the kids gobbling up all your hard work. Besides who knows what was on those hands or that table before they started working.

2. It’s a one-bowl wonder.

My favorite type of recipe. It can be accomplished by only dirtying one dish, which makes clean up a breeze.

3. It’s less of a mess.

Unlike regular play dough which dries up and becomes crumbly, this recipe promises to hold it together and stay off your floors.

This is a simple and cheap way to keep the kids entertained for at least a few minutes. Have fun!