Here’s the cheapest grocery store to buy your Thanksgiving dinner supplies

When it comes to a Thanksgiving feast, most people plan their menus well in advance. This way, when the day arrives, they’ll have groceries at the ready, and they’ll be fully prepared to conquer the kitchen.

But now that the holiday’s around the corner, you may have realized you’ve left an ingredient or two — or three or four or five — off your grocery list. If that’s the case, don’t fret. There’s one grocery store where you can buy your last-minute Thanksgiving dinner supplies without breaking the bank: Aldi.


Aldi is a German-owed grocery store that is surging in popularity across the United States. The discount supermarket chain is known for having some of the cheapest food prices around, which helps families keep their kitchens stocked while staying within budget.

So, if you need to grab some last-minute dinner supplies for Thanksgiving, Aldi is the place to go. There, you can pick up a 20-item basket of Thanksgiving staples for less than $36, on average. That includes corn, potatoes, green beans and a 12-pound turkey.

In a survey of 15 supermarkets, Aldi ranked most affordable in terms of the average cost for a Thanksgiving meal, while Fresh Market had the highest bill: about $118 for a 20-item dinner. For the gourmet grocer, that’s a 17-percent jump from last year in average receipt total.


But Fresh Market isn’t the only retailer to see a price increase.

Walmart — arguably one of the least expensive big-box chains in the states — saw a 7.5 percent uptick this year in the average cost of a 20-item basket for a Thanksgiving meal, while Stop & Shop saw a dramatic 24 percent rise, according to Bloomberg. Aldi, though, saw its average receipt total drop 14 percent from last year.

In other words: Aldi for the win.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!