Here’s What It Costs To Go On A Date In Every State

If you’re happily married or in a relationship, congrats! If not, then you’re most likely on that dating grind. Whether you’re meeting people IRL or via a dating app like Tinder or Bumble, chances are you’ve encountered some weird stuff and some terrible dates.

Still, if you’re determined to find a mate, dating is simply a part of life.

So, what exactly does dating look like in 2018? recently unveiled the details from its Singles in America survey, asking people across America what it really means to be single and ready to mingle in this day in age.

In the survey of over 5,000 singles, Match found that 69 percent of singles are “ready for the real deal” while 40 percent have had “a ‘hanging out’ relationship.” What’s a “hanging out” relationship, you ask? Apparently, it’s a more “casual” and “non-committal” way of dating.


Well, if just hanging out with some Netflix and chill isn’t what you’d personally consider a great date, you’re not alone. According to Match, the cost of an average date (consisting of dinner for two, a bottle of wine and two movie tickets) is about $102.32 in the U.S.

And according to the dating site’s 2017 Singles in America survey, the average American single spent $1,596 on dating in 2016. That’s a lot of money to spend in the name of love!

Yahoo! Finance created this map with the data from Match to show just how much the average date costs in every U.S. state.

If you’re paying, let’s hope you’re not in the Northeast where people are shelling out hundreds of dollars on dates. While the average cost of a date in the country is just over a hundred bucks, if you’re in the Big Apple, that price tag almost triples to an incredible $297.27, while neighboring New Jersey isn’t too far behind at $259.60.

The cheapest place to date? The Dakotas! If you’re in North Dakota, a date will run you back $42.43, and for South Dakota, you’re looking at $38.27. Not too bad at all.

In addition to the actual date prices, there are other factors to consider — especially if you have youngsters. Babysitting doesn’t come cheap. According to data from Urban Sitter’s 2017 survey on babysitting rates, San Francisco has the highest price for childcare at an average of $17.34 an hour per child.

Say you need a babysitter for four hours to go out on the town in San Francisco. That’ll set you back almost $70, in addition to the price of your date, which according to Match is an average of $226.35 in California.


The cheapest place to get a babysitter? Denver, where on average a babysitter costs $12.22 an hour per child. A Colorado date costs about $110, so combine that with a babysitter for four hours and you’re looking at almost $160. That’s still a sizable amount of money for one night out.

To find out the average cost of a date in each state, check out the list below.

Alabama — $87.93

Alaska — $95.60

Arizona — $106.36

Arkansas — $59.01

California — $226.35

Colorado — $109.12

Connecticut — $230.34

Delaware — $134.27

Florida — $128.82

Georgia — $121.12

Hawaii — $239.95

Idaho — $90.94

Illinois — $157.96

Indiana — $96.54

Iowa — $50.90

Kansas — $54.76

Kentucky — $81.76

Louisiana — $86.15

Maine — $157.02

Maryland — $209.33

Massachusetts — $217.51

Michigan — $112.90

Minnesota — $109.81

Mississippi — $68.29

Missouri — $71.08

Montana — $55.57

Nebraska — $48.91

Nevada — $119.19

New Hampshire — $184.60

New Jersey — $259.60

New Mexico — $86.51

New York — $297.27

North Carolina — $88.53

North Dakota — $42.43

Ohio — $80.41

Oklahoma — $63.65

Oregon — $119.79

Pennsylvania — $193.94

Rhode Island — $164.57

South Carolina — $84.92

South Dakota — $38.27

Tennessee — $92.38

Texas — $110.99

Utah — $98.28

Vermont — $153.52

Virginia — $140.85

Washington — $195.00

West Virginia — $96.84

Wisconsin — $73.21

Wyoming — $52.10