Here’s What You Need To Know About The ‘Snoot Challenge’ That’s All Over The Internet

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Instagram loves pets — especially dogs! The latest dog craze to hit the ‘gram is called the “‘snoot challenge” and it’s both adorable and impressive, considering the training it takes to get your dog to do this.

If you haven’t yet witnessed snooting, check out #snootchallenge on Instagram and get ready to squeal with joy. For this “challenge,” an owner makes a circle or heart shape with their hands and gets a furry best friend to stick their snout in it. So cute!

Currently, there are over 11,000 posts and videos of the challenge on Instagram and honestly, it never gets old. Just look at how adorable this video is!

And check out this pomeranian’s little wet nose!

Who doesn’t love a good corgy snout?

If you remember the last Instagram-pup challenge, “what the fluff,” you might have also heard that it could cause anxiety for your pet. In the “what the fluff” challenge, an owner holds up a sheet in front of herself and then drops it and runs to the side, disappearing from her pet’s sight.

While it may seem comical, the confused animal could be genuinely stressed or anxious out about the situation. Experts say to keep an eye out and make sure that your pet is simply excited — not overstimulated or worried about abandonment.

The good news with the “snoot challenge” is that as long as you’re gentle, this challenge is safe for your pet. Just don’t squeeze their nose or force your pet to go through with the challenge if they are prone to feeling uncomfortable in small spaces.

Trying to teach your dog this fun trick? Experts say you should start in a quiet setting, without distractions. You’ll definitely need a lure — aka treat — to guide them into position. Next, make a circle with one hand and hold your treat on the other side of the circle. This will entice them to stick their nose through the circle to get the treat.

Boom — your pet just did the “snoot challenge!” Check out this tutorial for full instructions.

Happy snooting!