Here’s How You’re Supposed To Be Washing Lettuce

Washing lettuce can be a nuisance. Not only does it take extra time, but it can make your lettuce soggy and unappetizing. However, cleaning your leafy greens before eating them is important, as lettuce, particularly spinach, is susceptible to e.coli, so you want to remove any dirt before consumption.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to wash your lettuce that won’t have you dreading making a salad and that will leave you with dirt-free greens. PureWow recommends this tactic:

  1. Use a knife to cut off the base of your greens, and separate the leaves.
  2. Turn the faucet on using the coldest water. Run your greens under the water, stem down. Pat dry.

The important step is washing your lettuce with the stem-side down, as dirt usually comes from the stems. Rinsing it this way will prevent dirt from getting on the rest of the leaf. The cold water is also essential, as it prevents leaves from wilting.

However, you don’t need to wash lettuce again if your lettuce comes a from a bag and says pre-washed, experts say.

Photo by amandabhslater