Hermione Granger’s Home From ‘Harry Potter’ Is Up For Sale, All You Muggles Out There

It’s not everyday that we muggles get to escape from the everyday muggle world and all of its responsibilities. Some may try by, I don’t know, going to see the “Harry Potter” movies in IMAX, perhaps.

But, now, it appears as though there’s another way to pretend you could be headed off to Hogwarts at any minute. It involves a trip to London.

The Huffington Post pointed out that Hermione Granger’s home from “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” is now up for sale. This London home might have only made a small appearance in the film, but still. It is the home of Hermione freaking Granger, after all.

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Of course, it will cost a pretty penny to live in this house. It’s going for about $3 million, in fact. According to the real estate agency that’s selling it, the house has 2,940 square feet. The property has six bedrooms and two bathrooms. Sounds like there’s plenty of room for all of your Hogwarts friends to spend the night!

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There are also two different gardens, so the outdoor space is almost just as grand as the house itself. The real estate website says the home is located on “one of the finest roads in Hampstead Garden Suburb.” Well, don’t mind if I do!

If you’re into the idea of buying “Harry Potter” real estate, it may please you to know that Potter’s humble muggle abode is also on the market. It may not have had fond memories for him, but you could certainly create some of your own.

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So, if you happen to have a few million dollars lying around, this could be the ultimate purchase for a Potter super fan like yourself. At the very least, you can scroll through these photos and dream of exactly how you’d decorate Hermione’s living room. That won’t cost you a thing!

[h/t: Huffington Post]