HGTV’s Chip Gaines has a man bun now, and fan reactions are mixed

Fans of the HGTV show “Fixer Upper” know that co-host Chip Gaines is silly, unpredictable and up for anything. In case you needed proof, take a look at this video in which he eats a live cockroach as part of a $50 bet, to the horror of his wife Joanna.

While Chip doesn’t make a habit of eating bugs, his general goofiness means there’s not much he could do that would shock the devoted fans who tune in each week to watch Chip and Joanna renovate and decorate old houses in Waco, Texas with their signature humor, positivity and lots and lots of shiplap.

But apparently, his on-screen shenanigans were no match for his latest, truly shocking stunt: a man bun:

Joanna Gaines revealed Chip’s bold new hairstyle in an Instagram post. Chip paired his trendy bun with a onesie, knee-high white athletic socks, and cowboy boots to really drive the look home, but Joanna was sure to note in the caption, “He still looks mighty fine to me.”

Fan reactions to Chip’s man bun were all over the map, with some Instagram commenters praising Chip’s hair as “adorable,” others saying, “I’ve never liked this style, but to each his own,” and some simply writing, “Noooooooo!” The reactions spilled over to Twitter, where opinions were equally mixed, and equally passionate.

Chip has been showing off longer hair in his own Instagram posts, but this is the first time he’s styled his locks in an honest-to-goodness man bun, at least publicly.

Perhaps Chip and Joanna are prepping to relocate their “Fixer Upper” empire to Portland, land of hipster man buns? Or perhaps they were just goofing around. Either way, no matter how you feel about man buns, you have to admit Chip’s new hairstyle is much more palatable than a cockroach snack.

[h/t: Cosmopolitan]