Hidden Valley Ranch is debuting three new ‘secret sauces’

Hidden Valley

Think salad dressings are just for salads? Think again. A 2017 survey by the Association for Dressings & Sauces showed that Americans enjoy dressings on much more than leafy greens. We spread them on sandwiches, pour them over meat and dunk veggies, chips and pizza into them.

The most-loved type of dressing is ranch, a flavor nearly synonymous with the brand Hidden Valley. And now, the brand is branching out with three new dippable, spreadable, pourable ranch sauces that have a different flavor for every palate.

Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauces

The new sauces, which are called Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauces, come in three flavors.

The Original Ranch Secret Sauce is described as a tangy, garlicky buttermilk sauce inspired by restaurants. They recommend squirting it onto burgers for a delicious topping.

The Spicy Secret Sauce is a “creamy flavor bomb” with a delicious bite. Hidden Valley suggests squeezing some onto tacos for a kick of zesty heat.

And the Hidden Valley Ranch Smokehouse Secret Sauce features a barbecue-inspired flavor with smoky buttermilk and herbs. They propose using it as a savory dip for french fries.

Each sauce flavor comes in a 12-ounce squeeze bottle that makes for easy pouring.

Hidden Valley

Ranch-Lovers Are Excited

Although the flavors are not set to hit store shelves for another month or so (rumor has it Walmart will start selling them on April 1), people are already talking about the sauces, speculating which dishes they might pair them with. Lindsey Knowlton (@thelushllama), for instance, thinks the Spicy Secret Sauce would go well with a turkey club.

“I CAN’T WAIT to try the new Hidden Valley Ranch Spicy Secret Sauce on my turkey club wraps, salads and sandwiches!” she writes on Instagram.


@bigtreacy, meanwhile, is all about the sweet potato fries. We can get on board with that.


However, we think Maxine Taylor (@maximax9313) sums it up best. What does she want to try the new Secret Sauces on? In a word, “Everything!”


If you’re trying to cut carbs, you’ll be happy to learn that these condiments are labeled keto-friendly and that, according to the nutrition info, each sauce has just 3 carbs per 2-tablespoon serving.

So putting them on absolutely everything should be no problem.

Which flavor are you looking forward to trying?

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