Hidden Valley has a new line of dipping sauces that includes pizza-dipped ranch


There are two types of people: the kind who dip everything they can into ranch dressing and the kind who don’t. If you’re one of those prone to dipping (join the club!), it’s time to rejoice. Because Hidden Valley just created Blasted dipping sauces that will take your dipping and dunking obsession to a whole other level.

The brand known for its ranch dressing is rolling out three flavors of these dipping sauces, each one more impressive than the next.

First up, there’s zestier ranch, which, according to the website, has two times the flavor of their regular ranch. They’ve turned up the dial on the garlic, the onion and more, therefore offering up “twice the taste.”

Hidden Valley

Next, there’s the bold Buffalo flavor, which is made to taste the way ranch dressing tastes after you’ve dipped your Buffalo wings into it. With the flavor already incorporated into the dressing itself, you’ll get double the flavor when you are eating wings or get to enjoy that spicy Buffalo sauce flavor when you’re dipping veggies and more, too.

Hidden Valley

And last, but certainly not least, there’s … drumroll, please … ranch-dipped pizza. That’s right. Hidden Valley has combined the flavor of pizza and ranch, all into one dressing. So, drizzle this all over your pizza or enjoy the added taste of marinara and cheese while dunking pretzels and more into ranch dressing for a dipping experience that’s far from average.

Hidden Valley

According to the Hidden Valley website, both H-E-B and Meijer stores carry these new flavors.

Hidden Valley also tweeted a link to where you can find the pizza-dipped ranch flavor through their online Ranch Shop for a limited time in case you can’t find the stuff in stores:

These come in single bottles or in a pack of three when you purchase them through the Ranch Shop.

The pizza version is also listed on Amazon, though the product was unavailable at the time of publication. Chances are, though, you’ll be able to get it delivered right to your door as soon as it restocks. You can sign up to be notified through email as soon as it’s available.

And the fun doesn’t stop with pizza and wings. In the product description on Amazon, Hidden Valley suggests using these Blasted dipping sauces to accompany chicken nuggets, French fries and more.

Let the dipping adventures begin!

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New Hidden Valley Ranch dip was made for people who love dipping their pizza in ranch dressing

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