High School Seniors Turn Their Parking Spots Into Very Cool Pieces Of Art

First of all, I can’t believe that high school seniors have their own parking spaces. I very rarely got to drive to school, and even then, you just parked wherever you could. Nowadays, some seniors get their own assigned parking spots, and with that privilege comes the opportunity to personalize it.

No, not just your name on the curb. That’s for old fogies like PRINCIPAL or ATHLETIC DIRECTOR. No, these parking spots are true works of art. It’s now a popular thing, it would seem; here’s some Pinspiration for you and check out these works of parking art below:

Good luck getting there on time, Martha!

Love this positive message from Elise Hutson.

Madison Bradley channeling her inner Grateful Dead.


Alison Harms says Cubs all the way even though she moved to Ft. Worth.

It’s nice to see that many seniors aren’t too cool to let their parents help them paint.

Something tells us J.K. Rowling would be a big fan of Elizabeth Victor‘s spot.

These students have some serious talent!

You gonna eat your tots? Mark Hamilton’s son is a Napoleon Dynamite fan.

Reece Wilson took her inspiration from her first name.

Some of these spots are so lovely, it seems a shame to park a car over them!

A view from above of an Austin, Texas, high school with painted parking spots.

Seniors put a lot of thought into their spots, and painting them has become an important ritual for many.


Even the Bard made it to a spot.


And we’ve got a “Friends” fan in the house!


And at Lebanon High School in Indiana, it is a very big deal.

The question remaining is: What happens after graduation? Do they scrub it off? Or does the whole thing just get blacktopped for the class of 2018?

[h/t: Hello Giggles]