These high-tech light bulbs have built-in bluetooth speakers


Imagine all of the incredible dinner parties you’d host with light bulbs that also played music on-demand. With a few clicks on Amazon, this light-bulb-and-speaker contraption could be yours.

The Texsens LED Light Bulb with Integrated Bluetooth Speaker is a cool new gadget that is going to change your home for the better by providing light and music in any room in your home. Prices range from $15.99 to $28.99 per bulb, depending on what kind of lighting you’d like.


Once this thing is installed in your house, you’ll be able to control your lighting with a remote control and play music through an app, right from your ceiling or lamp, all thanks to its built-in bluetooth speaker. Pretty cool, huh?

According to the information on Amazon, these bulbs can be installed as recessed lighting or screwed into a lamp. So, you can pretty much use this however you’d like around your house.

Folks who have commented on the product online have come up with some pretty inventive way of using these bulb speakers. They’ve installed them above the shower (because yes, they work fine in the bathroom around steam) and in nurseries as a means of playing music while their baby falls asleep (how smart!). And those are just a couple of examples of how a product like this could be put to work in your home.

The Texsens version isn’t the only item like this on the market, but it is one of the most affordable options. This Sengled brand option, for example, will run you $38.89 for one bulb (you could get two Texsens for less than that). But the important feature you get with a price increase is the ability to control the audio.


With the pricier version, you can choose to have left or right audio, which means if you placed this in your bedside lamp, for example, you could make sure the audio was pointed toward you for better sound quality.

In both cases, unfortunately, you can only have one bulb connected to bluetooth at a time, so you can’t play music in multiple rooms all at once or play two speakers in the same room for increased volume, unfortunately. But hey, one music-playing light bulb is better than none at all! Besides, it could definitely wind up being a cheaper alternative than purchasing bluetooth speakers for multiple rooms in your house.

Considering updating your lighting right about now? We can’t say we blame you. This technology mash-up really seems to be worth trying.


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