Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Video Has Fun With Royal Wedding Attendees

You might have heard there was a royal wedding in Britain last weekend.

The 29 million people around the world who watched Prince Harry marry American actress Meghan Markle had a chance to see almost every detail of the day.

From the design of the new Duchess of Sussex’s dress, to the children who made the wedding party so adorable, cameras caught all of the beauty and majesty of the day.

Even the tiniest moments were analyzed, including what Prince Harry said to his bride before they took their vows.


Video Producers Jump On Royal Wedding Mania

The virtual mania tied to the royal wedding didn’t go unnoticed by YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading. In case you’ve never heard of this hilarious channel, their team takes footage from sports events, presidential debates and movies and turns it into comedy gold.

How? They carefully go through coverage of these big events, watch what everyone says and then creates a new audio script to dub over the original audio.

Some of the videos are set to music, like this “The Empire Strikes Back” parody that has more than 63 million views!

Or, Bad Lip Reading’s annual NFL compilation video which gathers clips from games, interviews and sideline chatter for some major laugh-out-loud moments featuring superstars like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Even serious matters like the recent Congressional hearings with Facebook’s Mark Zukerberg aren’t off limits to the Bad Lip Reading hijinks.

Think movies like “The Hunger Games” are too dark and just don’t have enough laughs. Don’t worry, because the Bad Lip Reading team transformed the dystopian film into a whole new story that manages to find some humor in the bleakness.

Bad Lip Reading has had such an incredible reputation and following that even Disney teamed up with them to spoof their own classic TV movie “High School Musical!”

Bad Lip Reading Reworks Royal Wedding

Well, with hours of royal wedding coverage at their disposal, the Bad Lip Reading video team had a smorgasbord of material to work with for their latest creation. And, just a couple of days after the big event, the creators produced a video worthy of a royal seal of approval. With more than one million views already and steadily climbing, the latest video project appears to be another smashing success.

And, while Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth may not exactly find the hijinks exactly hilarious, there’s no denying that the production team came up with some major winners in this parody review of one of the biggest media events of the year.


Highlights include:

  • An uneasy exchange between Princes Harry and William about their hunting prowess
  • A declaration of the royal couple’s favorite Harry Potter character
  • A rejected surprise wedding gift and
  • A maybe  not-so-lightly veiled jab at monarchies, in general

Enjoy the laughs!

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