Hilarious Newborn Outtakes Show How Adorably Wrong Baby Photo Shoots Can Go

When we think about our baby’s first photos we think picture-perfect, right? Stunning “Anne Geddes-like” images but with our own child! While most parents walk away with dozens of adorable pictures of their bundle of joy, there are some horrifyingly cute newborn photo shoots that prove that, like parenting, a first professional photo shoot can be a wild ride. Here are some of our favorite outtakes.

Take the surprised dad who was preparing for a tender moment with his newborn but instead witnessed a gusher. His face is priceless!

Peekaboo Photos

Sometimes a newborn will surprise parents and photographers with something even worse. Yes, this happens. Remember, we said “horrifyingly cute.”

Brown Road Photography

Sibling rivalry often comes out in full swing during a photo shoot. Come on, mom and dad, we all want to be the center of attention! These three sisters will have a photo to laugh at for years to come.

Instagram / inspiredbycolour

Because you can never have enough pee shots, here’s a baby who interrupted his family photo with a shower. Mom and dad are definitely tied for best facial reaction.

Abbie Rogers Photography

Being cute is tough work. From this photo, it’s easy to tell this oneweekold just wants to go home and take a serious nap.

Bumps Babes & Beyond

How about when a newborn looks bored out of his mind?! This little one doesn’t seem at all impressed by the lights, cameras and action of a photo studio.

Instagram / inspiredbycolour

Is that really just an itch? Perhaps this infant is trying to tell us how they really feel about being in the spotlight.

Instagram / inspiredbycolour

This is just epic! Baby girl Lilly didn’t want a typical photo. Instead this is what she gave mom and dad to share with friends on Facebook. It appears there’s some comedic genius brewing in them bones.

Lemonade Pictures

Back to the uncontrollable bodily fluids. This time, grandma was the victim! This little guy just couldn’t keep it in, and had one big surprise for his own grandmother.

HRM Photography Inc.

I’m a cutie and I know it! Even while sleeping, this newborn shows that attitude starts at a very young age with a slight smirk that could only be caught by a professional.

Bumps Babes & Beyond

Take that, dad! This baby was starting to spit up right when the photo was being taken. Ooops!

Instagram / inspiredbycolour

Prepare yourself for this one. The entire family was caught up in a mess you can only laugh at. Except for the dog, who wants nothing to do with this photo.

Alisa Sue Photography

Making their parents blush from the beginning is an art. Hopefully these newborns can look back and laugh at themselves when they get older, and we’re kind of hoping their picturetaking skills improve by their wedding day.