Hilarious before-and-after photos show how being a parent changes you

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Parents, do you ever wander by a mirror, look at your reflection and think, “WTF happened to me?” If so, you’re not alone. Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful things a person can ever experience, but ironically, it’s also one of the quickest ways to go from hot to…hot mess.

Don’t get me wrong. Little kids are an absolute joy, and they’re super adorable. But don’t let anyone kid you: Parenthood is WORK.

Don’t believe me? The internet has provided solid photographic evidence. Dad blogger Mike Julianelle of Dad and Buried created an Instagram page called “Got Toddlered,” where he features laugh-out-loud worthy pictures that show how parenthood can change your appearance virtually overnight, in addition to other photos of “things children have ruined.” Here’s the before-and-after-parenthood photo he posted of himself:


Where did the light in his eyes go? What happened to his smile?

Check out these other hilarious before-and-after photos that parents have been sharing with him on social media:


LOL! Don’t you just love her expression? I know I must make that face a hundred times a day at my kids.


From “Ready for my close-up” to “Ready for a month-long nap!”



And here is my personal favorite:


If that doesn’t sum up motherhood in one image, I don’t know what does. You go from being footloose and fancy-free to being the human version of a Kleenex. Still, relatable stories like these definitely make the load a little lighter. It’s good to know we aren’t in this crazy mess alone!

It’s also important to remember that, one day, our kids will become self-sufficient, and sleep (and grooming) will come back into our lives. Until then, let’s just enjoy this crazy time and make the most out of these memories…after all, they ARE kinda cute.


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