This Hilarious Must-Watch Video Shows A Cop Getting Scared By A Mouse

Being a cop is hard work, especially when it requires being ready for anything at a moment’s notice. So, getting scared? Well, that’s not exactly part of the job description, but I’ll certainly forgive this cop for becoming a little frightened in this situation.

Thanks to CCTV (that’s closed circuit TV), the internet was blessed with this video of a mouse scaring a cop, and it’s truly priceless.

The officer, who’s believed to be a member of the St. Petersburg, Florida police force, handled this situation in the same way any of us would. And honestly, he was probably a whole lot more calm about the whole thing than I would have been. I can’t even see a spider without squealing, much less a mouse!

The video is only about 30 seconds long, but it’ll have you chuckling to yourself for much longer than that. The video’s been racking up the views on Facebook and YouTube because, clearly, there are others out there who think this is as funny as I do. But, don’t take my word for it. Judge for yourself:

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In the video, you’ll see that the cop is locking things up at the station, making sure everything is safe and secure for the night when, all of a sudden, a mouse rounds the corner and comes running down the hallway towards the cop.

He breaks into a slight jog in the opposite direction, and I certainly can’t blame him. He then pauses for a minute to collect himself, but doesn’t head back down the hall to investigate. And again, can’t blame him a bit. I wouldn’t want to go chasing after that mouse either, that’s for sure!

The folks commenting online seem to think this was a rat instead of a mouse, and I must say, it does seem rather large! So, does a rat running towards a cop justify him running from it? I’d certainly say so.