Hilarious Video Sums Up How Parents Act Before Having Company Over

Let me set the scene. It’s Christmas morning. You have just finished unwrapping your gifts. You’re enjoying a mug of cocoa while lazily checking out your awesome scores from Santa.

Suddenly, your mom bursts in the room, a panic-stricken look on her face. “The cousins will be here in two hours! Get up and start cleaning!” she shrieks. “I want this place looking spotless!”

Sound familiar? If so, you are going to love this hilarious video from comedian Chris Fleming. In the short clip, Fleming perfectly brings to the life the absolute mania that takes over a parent trying to get the house ready for the holidays.

“No can know we live here!” she shrieks, pushing in chairs, tossing around dish-rags and vacuuming with intense precision.

The video is a must-share, and siblings everywhere are sending around the clip, saying: “Doesn’t this remind you of Mom?”

YouTube, Chris Fleming

The character is the brain-child of Chris Fleming, a comedian who became an instant success on YouTube with his clever creation of Gayle Waters-Waters (yes, that’s her full name). The series “GAYLE” helped to launch Fleming’s unique brand of humor and spot-on imitations. Now, the video “COMPANY IS COMING!” has over 4 million views on YouTube.

The comedian told Forbes that the idea for his Gayle character came from a shopping trip he took to Crate & Barrel. There, he saw a woman that inspired him to bring Gayle to life, and after using her character in his stand-up show, he decided to bring her to life with the help of director Melissa Strype.

Fleming describes Gayle as:

“Gayle’s a middle-aged woman, stay at home mom type who descends deeper into madness each week. She’s frantic and desperate and will stop at nothing to maintain status in her community. I came up with her in ’09, saw a woman in Crate and Barrel that really inspired me. She was digging through place mats like it was Armageddon.”

Hmm… I think we all can relate to that feeling of panic that comes over you when you realize COMPANY IS COMING! and your house isn’t spic and span. (Or, as Gayle would say, “I want this place looking like Disney on Ice!”

YouTube, Chris Fleming

There are multiple videos of GAYLE to enjoy on YouTube, so head on over and LOL till your face hurts from laughing so hard.