This ‘Hipster Snake’ Has Sunglasses And A Mustache


Did you like snakes before it was cool? Well, if you didn’t, your window to get in on the trend before it gets popular might already have passssssed you by thanks to a snake who has captivated the internet.

Last year, the Texas State Parks Twitter account posted a photo taken by Kylie Gray of a Western rat snake. And if you look closely, the snake appears to have both sunglasssssssses and a hipster mustache.

The photo was retweeted more than 160 times, and needlesssssss (OK, I’ll stop, I swear) to say, it made the rounds on the internet as the snake inspired all sorts of jokes about cafes and organic quinoa. It is now simply known as “hipster snake.”

Sadly, this snake will actually outgrow this phase. While juvenile western rat snakes have markings, adults get darker and are usually completely black. So, much like your favorite indie band going mainstream, the joy in this discovery will be fleeting.

And while, yes, the snake does look like it drinks PBR and would wear an ascot, I think we can come up with a few other people to whom this snake bears a sssssstriking (sssor- er, I mean, sorry) resemblance. So, who do you think is this snakes true doppelgänger ?

Richard Petty

richard petty photo
Getty Images | Matt Sullivan

With his signature sunglasses and mustache, the racing king is a dead ringer for our snake. Now, if only we could put a cowboy hat on the snake… (Actually, we know just the guy.)


Wikimedia Creative Commons/O'Jay Barbee

So, I can’t be the only one who thinks the snake’s sunglasses look more like a mask, right? And once you think of the snake wearing a mask, a whole bunch of possibilities open up. Such as …

The McDonald’s Hamburglar

hamburglar photo
Getty Images | Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

No mustache here but the mask is spot on. Snakes like hamburgers, right?

(h/t The Dodo)


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