You Can Catch ‘Hocus Pocus’ In Theaters For Its 25th Anniversary

It’s officially October, which means if you’re anything like me, you’ve already watched “Hocus Pocus” at least once. OK, twice. Fine, three times.

But if you’re also, like me, too young to actually remember when “Hocus Pocus” first came out, chances are you didn’t see it in the movie theater and your earliest memory of the film involves a VCR and VHS tape.

That is about to change, however, because the cult classic is returning to theaters just in time for Halloween!


The Sanderson Sisters will be flying back into theaters from Oct. 26 to Oct. 31 in honor of the 25th anniversary of the film that saw them come back to life after being hanged in the Salem Witch Trials.

The film will only be shown at AMC theaters for six days, so make sure you find a location near you and figure out when you can catch all the witchy action on the big screen! Tickets are $5 and can be purchased through AMC’s website.

Hocus Pocus remake
Walt Disney Pictures

If you don’t have an AMC theater near you or won’t be able to make it there during its short run, fear not! “Hocus Pocus” is playing nearly 30 times this month on Freeform, including a 12-hour marathon on Halloween.

If you want to dig even deeper into the film, there will also be a 25th anniversary reunion special on Freeform that will feature musical performances, a “Hocus Pocus”-themed costume contest and interviews with cast members. It will air on Oct. 20 at 8:15 p.m. EST, so make plans with your favorite witches for a night of fabulous Halloween fun.

But please, don’t light any black flame candles.


Will you be heading to your local AMC theater to see “Hocus Pocus” at the end of the month?