How To Decorate For The Holidays ‘Fixer Upper’-Style

Have you ever spent hours transfixed by a marathon of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”? If so, you are no stranger to host Joanna Gaines and her amazing eye for design.

If you covet her classic yet cool style, don’t worry. Her Instagram account offers a plethora of ways to make your holiday decorations as magical and sensational as the North Pole itself:

1. Forget the fake snow.

Make your mantel piece chic and holiday-appropriate with a thick strand of evergreen garland. Elaborate gold candle sticks complete the look.

2. Use ornaments in unexpected places.

Create a festive tableau on the wall with these seasonal script ornaments:


3. Breathe new life into an old tradition with velvet mistletoe.

A must for any adults-only holiday party!

Magnolia Market

4. Use fresh greenery as a table runner.

Add some color with holly berries or a red ribbon.

5. Bring color back to a drab winter scene.

This red-berry wreath just pops! You will never want an evergreen wreath again. It’s perfect for the front door or above the fireplace.

Magnolia Market

6. No fireplace? No problem!

Use this caddy to create a glowing festive display. Use red, green, or white candles, or a mix of all three! Place garland around it to make it even more “Christmas-y.”

Magnolia Market

7. Upgrade your snowflakes.

Forget those old snowflakes you used to cut out in grade school. These glam snowflake cutouts are clearly the work of an artist… but hey, if anyone asks, you can fudge the truth a little and say your 6-year-old made them for you! Hang them from the tree or on the wall in your office to create a beautiful holiday display.


8. Get comfortably chic.

Use holiday accent pillows to breathe a ambiance of comfort and joy into your home. Notice how Joanna uses plain brown wrapping so that her Christmas present wrapping won’t compete with her color scheme. It’s so chic, isn’t it?

Magnolia Market

9. Add a touch of shine.

Never fear, using plain wrapping doesn’t have to be boring. You can spruce up your packages with ribbons and shiny, sparkly metal flowers. Almost too pretty to open… almost!

Magnolia Market

h/t: PopSugar