The ‘Home Alone’ house is on Airbnb for one night this holiday season

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Did you ever dream of one day living in a house like the McCallisters’? You know, the massive, red brick, Georgian-style home where 8-year-old Kevin was left to his own devices when his family forgot him on their holiday trip in the original “Home Alone” film? Well, you might not be able to live in it, but you could possibly spend the night there.

Following the release of “Home Sweet Home Alone,” the reboot of the holiday movie now streaming on Disney+, Airbnb is offering a stay in the iconic house to a handful of lucky guests.

Kevin’s big brother Buzz (also known as actor Devin Ratray) will open the doors to his family’s Chicago-area home while the rest of the brood is off on another holiday vacation.

“You may not remember me as particularly accommodating,” Buzz said in an Airbnb statement, “but I’ve grown up, and I’d be happy to share my family home — my pizza, even — with you this holiday season. Just try not to let my tarantula, Axl, loose this time.”

Airbnb posted some photos of the home, located in Winnetka, Illinois, on Twitter.

“Get ready to celebrate the holidays on the most boring street in the United States of America,” Airbnb tweeted, “because the timeless house where the ‘Home Alone’ story began is officially bookable on Airbnb. filthy animals can request to book on December 7 at 1 p.m. CT.”

A group of up to four guests can book a one-night stay at the McCallister residence on Dec. 12 for only $25 (plus taxes and fees). This is a booking and not a contest. The lucky guests who nab this booking are responsible for their own travel costs and arrangements.

The stay includes:

  • A perfectly trimmed Christmas tree.
  • Booby traps for guests to set.
  • Shaving supplies (including aftershave) in front of the bathroom mirror.
  • Plenty of Chicago’s finest pizza and a candlelit dinner of microwavable Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.
  • A meet and greet with a live tarantula.
  • A viewing of “Home Sweet Home Alone.”
  • A Lego Ideas “Home Alone” set to take and build at home.

Airbnb will also make a one-time donation to Chicago’s La Rabida Children’s Hospital in honor of the first-ever stay at the McCallister home.

Would-be guests should note strict adherence with local COVID-19 guidelines is required, and Airbnb will offer guests a $1,000 travel credit if it becomes necessary to cancel the stay due to pandemic restrictions.

Booking for the one-night stay on Dec. 12 opens on Dec. 7 at 1 p.m. CT at

Will you try to snag a stay there?

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