Home Depot employees built a walker for a 2-year-old boy

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Employees of the Home Depot in Cedartown, Georgia are no strangers to helping customers find what they need to complete a building project. However, Christian and Justin Moore came into the store with a special DIY situation: they were looking to build a walker for their son.

Two-year-old Logan has a muscular condition known as hypotonia. This rare syndrome affects a child’s muscle tone which causes a lack of strength and ability to support the body’s movement or weight properly. Logan’s physical therapist recommended a gait trainer for the young boy. This trainer, similar to a walker, would help Logan support himself and teach him how to walk properly. Of course, his parents loved the idea but had concerns about the equipment. Would insurance cover the gait trainer? How long would it take to get all the paperwork done and have the trainer delivered?

So the concerned parents decided to do some research to see what would be involved to make a gait trainer for their son. They were thrilled to find something on YouTube.

“I found a video that looked pretty easy and got the list and took it to Home Depot to see if they had everything we needed,” Christian Moore told CNN.

The next step was heading to their local Home Depot store. That’s when something incredible happened! When the young family arrived at the store and mentioned their special project, the managers and staff didn’t just lead them to the supplies. They took action! Home Depot worker Jeffrey Anderson just had to share the love on Facebook.

“My store manager heard about this and we went over to them looked at their plans and said we got this so we started putting it together told the family to go and enjoy ice cream and come back in an hour,” Anderson posted. “Other associates started jumping in and when the family came back it was done.”

The smile on Logan’s face says it all!

The family was overwhelmed with the personalized walker for their incredible little boy.

“I couldn’t believe they were willing to do that,” Moore said to CNN. “It took everything I had not to cry because it hasn’t been an easy road for my son. He has had a hard time doing things that would be easy for most children his age.”

Anderson said the Home Depot staff was in tears and refused payment from the Moore family.

“We said no way,” he wrote on Facebook. “This one is on us.”

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