Big-Hearted Home Depot Manager Pays For Halloween Costume Supplies For Special Needs Boy

For most kids, Halloween is a big deal. They want to make sure their costume is just right, and that often means parents put a lot of time, effort and money into ensuring their little ones look awesome come October 31. A mom named Aimee Mcilroy and her seven-year-old son got some extra special help in the awesomeness department this Halloween from a Good Samaritan.

Mcilroy brought her son, Jackson, who uses a wheelchair, with her to a Home Depot in North Carolina to get some supplies for his Halloween costume. She asked to see the manager to pick up a refrigerator box so she could transform Jackson’s wheelchair into a police car. When Valerie Baker, the manager, appeared, Mcilroy could have never predicted what happened next.

First, Baker went above and beyond the call of duty by getting down on the floor to cut the box down to size. Then she helped Mcilroy and Jackson think up other items for his costume and accompanied them throughout the store to find them. Once they were all done, Valerie took them to the register to check out, where she insisted on paying for all of the supplies, which totaled about $100.

Mcilroy took to the Facebook page Love What Matters to share her incredible story and thank this selfless woman for her kindness:

“My son may not have understood anything other than she was kind and patient with him, but this special needs mama really, really appreciated this huge act of kindness,” she wrote. “The biggest blessing for me was the way she treated my son and the way he responded to her.”

For her part, Baker remains humble. “I had an opportunity to spend some time with this child and make a simple wish come true for him and his mom,” Baker told ABC News. “I’m not a hero, I’m not an angel. If it’s anyone who deserves wings and a halo out of this story it’s Jackson. He definitely had an effect on who I am and the type of person I want to be going forward.”

Thanks to Baker and Mcilroy’s meeting, Home Depot will now teach once-a-month workshops at Jackson’s school. The program will enable children with special needs to participate in DIY projects free from the loud noises that often permeate the store.

It’s not often that a Halloween story gives us the warm fuzzies, but this one really does!

[H/t Little Things]