The Home Where Harry Potter’s Parents Were Killed Is For Sale

Take a peek inside the home where Harry Potter's parents met their demise.

Potterheads, ready your down payments. The house that served as the backdrop for Harry Potter’s parents’ murder in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is now for sale. According to AOL, the home is already the second most photographed residence in the United Kingdom, following the prime minister’s house, and now someone new will get to own it. (Hopefully they’ll let us inside!)

The home, which is called the De Vere House, can be found in the old village of Lavenham, in Suffolk, England—and to be honest, the entire medieval town looks like a bit of a dream. The 14th century home fits in perfectly with the feel of the historic town.

If you do buy the home, however, don’t expect to be sharing the same space that Harry, Ron and Hermione did. According to the East Anglian Times, no part of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” was actually filmed inside the six-bedroom home—the house was simply added in to certain scenes using green screens in studios.

Even if it weren’t the house used in the filming of Harry Potter, it would still be impressive. Take a look at its gorgeous (and very familiar) front:

Carter Jonas

The interior looks super cozy as well:

Carter Jonas
Carter Jonas

And it even has a beautiful little garden for its new residents to enjoy:

Carter Jonas

This isn’t the first Potter-themed house to go on sale, mind you. Both #4 Privet Drive and Hermione Granger’s home have been listed in the past, and fans went similarly wild for the homes. However, personally? I think the De Vere has a cozy charm all its own.

You can see more photos of the residence over at Carter Jonas, the real estate agency selling the property. If you’re looking to buy, the home is selling for nearly $1 million—but I’m sure any true Harry Potter fan will be able to conjure up a plan to get their hands on the house.