‘Home Improvement’ Is Now Streaming On Hulu

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We have officially “cut the cord” in our house and are now only relying on streaming services for entertainment. Why? Because, honestly, the only shows I want to watch are either on those services or are classics from the ’90s. (Hey there, “Friends“!)

One show from my childhood I have been longing to watch and unable to find, however, is the classic sitcom “Home Improvement.” Is it the family dynamic, the neighbor who likes to hide behind a fence (but is full of wisdom), or the fact that Tim “The Toolman” Taylor hosting a home-improvement show while not exactly being what you’d call “handy” taught me I could do anything I set my mind to? Perhaps all three.

Apparently, I am not alone in my quest, as just in time for actual home-improvement season, Hulu is giving us all eight seasons (204 episodes!) of the beloved sitcom! As Tim Taylor would say: UUUEEGGHH?!?!

Originally running from 1991-1999 on ABC, “Home Improvement” became America’s top-rated sitcom multiple times during the decade. It won and was nominated for numerous awards, including Golden Globes, Emmys and Kid’s Choice Awards. Even 10 years after it went off the air, the cast reunited to accept the fan favorite award at the TV Land Awards in 2009.

Cast members, including Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Richard Karn and Zachery Ty Bryan, were on hand to get the honor.

home improvement show photo
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

If watching every season of “Home Improvement” isn’t enough to fill the ’90s TV void in your heart, Hulu also has “Boy Meets World,” “Full House,” “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” “Family Matters” and “Step by Step.” You can even get Hulu for free now if you have a Spotify subscription.


If you don’t have Hulu or are looking for something different, you can watch other ’90s favorites like “Friends” and “Fraiser” on Netflix. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video has “Roseanne” and “3rd Rock from the Sun.”

What’s your favorite classic series to binge watch?