These 6 home tricks will make life easier


What’s better than a good home hack? Whether you’re trying to clean something, open something or sharpen something, there’s sure to be a better, cheaper, faster or easier way to do it.

Try out these six tricks around the house and let us know how much time and frustration you saved.

1. Clean The Toilet Without Touching It

Drop denture tablets into your toilet bowl to clean gross stains.


2. Break Into Difficult Packaging

Those blister packs that hold medications, home tools and other items can be a beast. Head to the kitchen and grab a can opener to make a clean, effortless cut on the side of the container.


3. Sharpen Your Scissors

When you struggle with wrapping gifts, your cuts of paper always have jagged edges, and your ribbon curls always wilt. Fold up a piece of sandpaper and cut into it with your dull pair of scissors and you’re all set!


4. Conquer Onion Tears

Crying while chopping isn’t a good look for anyone. Head to the pantry for white vinegar to make an easy fix. You just need to spread some vinegar on your cutting board, then chop away. Your onions will still taste delicious afterward, and your eye makeup will remain intact.


5. Open A Tough Jar

Can’t get into those pickles or olives? All you need are two rubber bands. Place one around the base of the jar and one on the lid. Ta-da! It’s time for that relish tray after all.


6. Clean A Cutting Board

Grab some salt, a lemon… but no tequila for this trick. To spiff up your cutting boards, just sprinkle salt on the board, cut a lemon in half, squeeze some lemon juice onto the board and then rub the lemon half across it. Wipe it off with a towel and you’re good to go!


Watch all of these tips in action below:


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