Homemade Two Ingredient Healthy Fruit Roll-Ups

There’s no denying that store-bought fruit roll-ups are a deliciously fun snack for kids and adults, alike. But, with all of those artificial dyes and preservatives and so much sugar, you don’t want to eat too many of them.

So, why not make yourself a healthier version right at home? I had no idea these were so easy to DIY, or I definitely would have been making myself roll-ups at home all along. I don’t care how old I get, I’ll never turn down a chance to eat a strip of fruit leather.

A mommy vlogger from the channel WhatsUpMoms demonstrates how you can create this yummy snack using only fresh fruit and honey to sweeten. Once you’ve got that ready to go, the process is extremely simple.

Simply, pour whatever fresh fruits you’re using and honey into a blender. Pulse until smooth. Then, spread the mixture along a flat baking sheet covered with parchment paper. You want to make sure the layer is really thin. Then, pop it in the oven.

Once it’s not sticky to the touch, they’re ready to eat! Watch the video and Meg will show you how it’s done.

This recipe is so easy. Just as she mentions in the video, this really does make the perfect lunch box treat.

Keep your kids (or yourself) happy and healthy with these fruity snacks. You’ll never have to buy roll-ups at the store again. Because seriously, once you have them this way— there’s no going back.

[h/t: WhatsUpMoms]