Homemade cherry slushes are a fun after-school treat

Labor Day may have come and gone, but it’s still astronomical summer through Sept. 21. In many parts of the country, temperatures are still decidedly warm, so cold and refreshing treats are still on the menu.

If you could use a frozen pick-me-up, check out this recipe for a homemade cherry slush from Josiah at DIY Thrill. It’s super-easy to make and will taste just as good as the kind you buy at the convenience store or at the movies.

It requires just three simple ingredients and, after freezing the ice cubes overnight, it comes together in just five minutes. This easy slush would be a great after-school snack or fun reward at the end of a long, hot day. Serve it in a mason jar with a straw for a whimsical look that will really make it feel like a special treat.

DIY Thrill

The recipe is for a cherry-flavored slush, so it calls for Cherry Kool-Aid, but feel free to experiment with different flavors. Lemonade, orange, lemon-lime and blue raspberry would all be yummy picks. This non-alcoholic frozen drink is great for the whole family to enjoy, but adding some vodka or other spirit of your choice would put a fun adult spin on it as well.

Wishing you were on the beach somewhere exotic? Transport yourself while never leaving your backyard by mixing up this easy tropical slush, also from DIY Thrill. The blue-green color and tropical taste are sure to get you into the island state of mind.

There’s no rule that says you can’t enjoy slushes all year-round, so if you have an abundance of seasonal fruit, go ahead and freeze some to whip up slushes and smoothies to continue to enjoy as autumn turns to winter and beyond. This watermelon lemonade slush from Allrecipes uses frozen watermelon, and having one on a gray day would be a fun way to remember sunnier times.


Enjoy these last days of summer!