Hooters Has BOGO Wings On Valentine’s Day When You Shred A Photo Of Your Ex

Here's a new way to spend the holiday!

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If you’re looking for a less-than-conventional way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, stop by Hooters. On Thursday, Feb. 14, the restaurant chain is offering buy one, get one free wings. All you have to do to take advantage of the offer is shred a picture of your ex. Yep, get over an old relationship once and for all and, in the process, score some free wings. That definitely sounds like a happy Valentine’s Day to me!

It’s the digital age, so you even have the option to “shred” a photo of your ex online. First, take the online quiz, where you answer a few questions about your relationship, like how long you were together and how bad the break-up was (which is ranked in terms of dramatic celebrity breakups on a scale of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande to Taylor Swift and one of her many, many exes).


Depending on your answers, you will be prompted to dispose of your ex’s photo one way or the other, but the severity of the method will correspond with the awfulness of your relationship. After uploading the pic, you will have the option to shred it, burn it, bury it or hit it with a dart.

If, on the other hand, you’ll only feel true catharsis if you physically rip up a paper photo, bring it on into a Hooters location to rip it to shreds in person and score your BOGO wings.

Will you participate in Shred ‘Em and Forget ‘Em?