You Can Now Have Fresh Beer On Tap At Home Anytime You Want

Keurig has revolutionized how we drink coffee at home. The single-serve system means that if you want hazelnut coffee, and your friend prefers vanilla, you can both brew a cup and be sipping it almost instantly. Now that same technology is being applied to beer, so that you can enjoy the experience of craft beer taps right in your own home.

It’s called Hopsy SUB, and it’s a countertop tap system with two-liter canisters of craft beer. A German company called KRUPS, which makes Nespresso machines, is the company behind the tap system. Each TORP (or canister) placed inside the Hopsy produces four pints of beer which will stay cold, carbonated and fresh for up to two weeks.

Your TORPs of beer are delivered in the mail and after turning on the machine, you place a 67-oz. TORP of beer inside. Then you attach the spout to the tap, close the door, and as you would with a Keurig, sit back and relax until the light turns green.

Check it out in action in the video below:

There are three different models of the Hospy SUB: The Sub Solo, which is $149, The Sub 2-Pack, which is $179, or Club Sub, which is $199.

Unfortunately, delivery of the beer is not available nationwide. For now, there are operations in San Francisco, New York and San Diego, and the company delivers to all of California and most of New York. However, they hope to expand their service soon.

Over 20 types of beer from over two dozen breweries are available in TORPs for purchase. (You can also purchase beers in standard growlers as well.) On their site, you can search by a number of criteria, such as style of beer (i.e. IPA, lager, wheat, etc.), alcohol level and bitterness.

Hopsy claims the SUB is the only product of its kind on the market. Last year, there was talk of a partnership between Keurig and Anheuser-Busch InBev to create an “in-home alcohol drink system” but that product has not yet debuted. Late last year, a division of Anheuser-Busch InBev bought a stake in PicoBrew, another at-home beer-brewing machine. More countertop brewing options may be coming to your kitchen soon!

What do you think of Hopsy SUB’s at-home craft beer machine? Would you try this nifty gadget?

[H/t  Fatherly]