Jordan Peele’s Horror Film About Racism Scores 100 Percent On Rotten Tomatoes

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Jordan Peele of the comedy duo Key and Peele has graduated from hysterical sketches to something far more serious—directing a horror movie where the underlying bogeyman is racism. In “Get Out,” a black man goes to visit his white girlfriend’s family, only to find out people of color keep disappearing in the idyllic town. And critics are loving the film—it has garnered a coveted 100 percent from Rotten Tomatoes.

But what does a 1oo percent score on the film review site Rotten Tomatoes mean? It’s simple: Every single review of the movie has been good. While this may not sound very impressive, only four films out of hundreds that were released last year earned a 100 percent rating.

Get Out
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Described as a “social thriller,” Peele told USA Today that the movie was originally about “the fears of being an outsider,” but later decided the theme should center more heavily on race.

“It just seemed to be a very taboo piece of the discussion to talk about something so horrific as racism in any type of genre other than a film about slavery or something,” Peele said in the interview.

While not everyone is as enamored of “Get Out” as the critics on Rotten Tomatoes (the movie’s IMDB webpage listed a 77 Metascore, which weights reviews according to how famous the critic is), the response has been overwhelmingly positive. After a secret screening of “Get Out” last month at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, critics were quick to discuss the way the movie adds a new lens to the artistic discussion of race relations in our country.

“I definitely take a devilish glee in putting something that’s not politically correct into the mainstream,” Peele told USA Today.

All we know is, we can’t wait to see it. You can watch the whole terrifying trailer here.


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